Welcome to the 学生生活办公室 at 澳门十大博彩娱乐平台! It’s our mission to enhance your experience through the development of, 暴露在, 以及参与, 节目和活动. Our vision is to create a welcoming physical and social environment as part of the educational setting and is grounded in student involvement through development.

The 学生生活 department offers community service, 学生领导, and student organization opportunities for students to build connections and develop life long skills.


澳门十大博彩娱乐平台 provides leadership development opportunities throughout the year. These opportunities build and develop leadership and valuable life skills through workshops, 研讨会, 有组织的静修. There are many different types of leaders in different roles on campus. These programs are open to all 澳门十大博彩娱乐平台 students; participation may have a GPA requirement. Students interested in 澳门十大博彩娱乐平台 leadership programs can contact the 学生生活办公室 at 603-230-4040 or (电子邮件保护).  


澳门十大博彩娱乐平台 offers a broad range of programs and services to engage students in academic and campus life and enhance their educational experience. The Student Center is the hub for social, cultural, entertainment, and recreational activities. 16000平方米. ft. space includes a great room with fireplace, lounge, games area, and conference rooms. It houses a variety of student service offices including campus clubs and organizations, 健康及谘询服务, 校园活动, 社区服务, 居住生活, 学生生活, 及学生事务.


The 学生生活办公室’s mission is to enhance the student experience through the development of, 暴露在, 以及参与 节目和活动. 学生生活 creates a welcoming physical and social environment as part of the educational setting and is grounded in student development through involvement. The 学生生活 department offers student organization opportunities for students to build connections and develop lifelong skills. A full list of active and dormant student organizations and clubs can be found on our website.


澳门十大博彩娱乐平台 encourages a democratic form of student government to develop individual initiative and a sense of group responsibility. The Student Senate is responsible for representing the student body in campus affairs and the allocation of funding support for student events and programs. The Senate comprises selected representatives and is responsible for the promotion and coordination of student activities. The Student Senate president and other members represent the student body on various college committees. 问题? 电邮至学生委员会: (电子邮件保护)


总统: 丹尼Fojtik
副总裁: 珠宝Mellor
财务主管: 吉莉安火星
秘书: 索非亚航行 


Your student ID serves many purposes both on and off campus, such as checking out books from the 澳门十大博彩娱乐平台 图书馆, 进入健康中心, 使用学生中心的设备.

All ID issues should be address to 校园安全.


  1. 取向 -当你到达迎新会时, you’ll be given a schedule that allows you time to have your student ID picture taken. 学生证在斯威尼大厅领取.
  2. 校园安全办事处 – If you are unable to get your student ID picture at orientation, visit the 校园安全 office at 1 Institute Drive, on the second floor of the Business/校园安全 building. You can also visit Sweeney Hall room 214 during normal business hours. 
  3. 晚上学生 – You can get your student ID by calling 校园安全 at 603-224-3287. An officer will meet you at the 校园安全 office and process your ID. 


一旦你获得了你的学生证, 可到财务处核实, 位于斯威尼大厅的一楼, 在正常办公时间. A new validation sticker is issued each semester to reflect that you’re currently registered for classes and have made arrangements to pay all tuition and fees.


如果你因为任何原因需要一个新的学生证, 去校园安全办公室, 位于研究所路1号. 每次更换的费用是25美元.00. This charge is applied to your student account at the 财务主管的办公室. You will need to go to the 财务主管的办公室 to have the replacement ID validated.

澳门十大博彩娱乐平台确实住在新罕布什尔州, so it’s possible 澳门十大博彩娱乐平台 classes may be delayed or canceled because of inclement weather. Notifications of cancellations or delays will be done the following ways:


You should be prepared to begin your school day with whatever activity you’d normally be doing at the announced opening time. 例如, 如果航班延误两小时, and you’re scheduled for a class that normally meets from 8-10:50 a.m.你应该早上10点去上那节课.m. for the remaining 50 minutes; classes that are normally completed before 10 a.m. 会被取消.

You should discuss the situation directly with the person(s) involved. In the event this does not resolve the issue, the matter should be taken directly to the Student Affairs Office, 位于学生中心. The Director of 居住生活 should be notified of any unresolved issues pertaining to the Residence Halls and 餐厅 Services. The Student Senate Concerns Committee should be notified of any unresolved concerns that do not directly involve the Residence Halls.

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